Provision for profitability.

ChikPea is the premier source of enterprise-class quote-to-cash solutions for communications service providers of any size.

When you sell telecom or datacom services, your profitability is decided the moment your people make the quote. And you only get that revenue if you win the bid, onboard, and serve the customer flawlessly.

The ChikPea Order-to-Billing/Telecom Order Management (O2B/TOM) suite includes next-level intelligent CPQ, delivery, BSS-OSS, change management, and recurring billing operations to accelerate the complete provisioning and account management process while maximizing revenue per customer.

The ChikPea O2B/TOM suite is a Salesforce-native solution that can also be implemented as discreet modules

Faster quotes, even for the most custom configurations

The best possible margins with visibility into every cost component

Customer delight with drama-free onboarding and implementations

Synchronization of sales orders and statements of work for continuous alignment

Enterprise-class BSS-OSS capabilities, scaled for growth-stage providers

On-the-fly changes without incurring credits or lost profitability

Total awareness of your customer’s infrastructure and services to enjoy trusted provider status

Clear, accurate inventory management to facilitate efficient Move–Add–Change–Delete actions

Full customer lifetime management to increase retention and reduce churn