ChikPea delivers benefits to every stakeholder in your organization.

“We saw a 33% improvement in the quoting process, and 20-25% reduction on service delivery cycle time.”

– Telco customer


For the CEO/CFO

  • Intelligent Variable Pricing Model = Boosts total order value and ROI
  • Price discrimination = Winning quotes with optimized revenue
  • Reduce ad-hoc discounting = Increases EBITDA
  • Increase delivery satisfaction = Improves retention/renewal rate
  • Robust workflow = Improves service delivery
  • Revenue stream visibility = Transparent revenue recognition and commission calculations
  • Accurate quoting = Reduces post sales credits and concessions
“ChikPea is saving us $100Ks annually in automation technology expense and human cycle time reduction.”

– IT infrastructure customer


For the COO

  • Increased process visibility = Faster delivery cycle times
  • More rigorous configuration management and change control = Lower operating expenses
  • Better front office provisioning capabilities = Accelerated quote-to-order
  • Simplified invoice management = Smoother billing operations
  • Pre-billing scenarios = Customer-centric services set-up and management for fewer changes

For Sales

  • Streamlined catalogs = Faster configurations, better tailored to customer requirements
  • Reduced quoting cycle time = Accelerates pace of new customer acquisition and increases account rep productivity
  • Greater warranty and RMA status visibility = Faster and clearer customer engagement
  • Lifecycle management tracking = Proactive renewal outreach
“ChikPea changed our game by helping standardize our installation workflow while maintaining the integrity of the data.”

Telco customer


For the CTO/CIO

  • Salesforce-native = Straightforward integration and flexible provisioning
  • Industry-leading platform = Reliability, availability and performance
  • A PCI DSS (3.2) Level One Service Provider = World-class security