The Essentials of Order Management

The Essentials of Order Management by Adam Kleinberg As the flavor of CPQ (quoting) begins to wane, the market for Billing begins to stratify and specialize. It is important to understand the critical and yet foundational part of the subscriber relationship. Some call it, “on-boarding,” others call it, “fulfillment” and many refer to it as “change management.” It all boils down to, “Order Management.”How a new solution request is processed is arguably where the rubber hits the road. It doesn’t matter how you select the products and what the pricing model is, if the end subscriber never gets what he…

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Go Back SRM Validated by Salesforce’s “The Internet of Things”

SRM Validated by Salesforce’s “The Internet of Things by Adam Kleinberg Salesforce promoted examples of “The Internet of Things”. The idea that common daily items in our lives can feed data to us to better enhance our usage and create efficiencies. This idea is not exactly new since Disney’s EPCOT (Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow) center has been talking about it for years yet opened October 1, 1982 and was dreamed up by a man who died in 1967. The work that GE, SONY, Frigidaire and others have been doing all these years is finally being put into practice now…

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