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O2B is the first 100% Force.com native Subscription Management, billing system. If you can dream it, O2B can monetize it. No other system offers more.


Triggered Pricing

Time Triggers
Tiered Pricing
Volume Pricing
Contract Pricing
Class of service
Offset Billing
Pre-Paid and Post-Paid
Roll-Over Usage

Order Management

Choose upfront payment Line Order Processing

Key system integration

Intelligent Payment Manager

Line Payments
Accounting Link
Dunning Campaigns

Team Invoice Options

Bill by location
Distributed Billing
Hierarchical Billing
Bill Process Groups

Solution Packaging

Product Bundles
Promotional Bundles

+ Monetize Projects

Service$Billing o2B Add-On


  • Milestone based / time based
  • Actual vs Billable hour
  • Cross-discipline communication & Process flow
  • Support Single projects to Muti-level projects
  • Initiation payments, estimated cost, and consumption tracking
  • Integrate to any project management toll
  • Define a project
    Project Details: Goals, Phases, Milestones, Estimated hour & Cost
  • Produce Quote, Content, SOW, Invoice
    Generate Quote, SOW, Invoice with different document types: MS Word & PowerPoint. Initiate Project Orders through e-signed quote.
  • Capture hours for billing
    Connect to External PMS. Billable hours can be counted directly from the PMS or filter through a project manager review.
  • Payment Reminders
    Send remind email if there is any late payment and hold the project until the late payment is paid.

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