Sequencer by ChikPea is designed to be the perfect utility to organize how tasks are to be distributed. Using standard Salesforce workflow functionality, Sequencer takes larger volumes of actions and assigns them in specific order on an as needed basis.
Using a highly graphical interface you can design, dispatch, and track actions and activities in a way that reduces ignored activities and actions, includes non-Salesforce users, and takes advantage of any trigger or object in the Salesforce org.

Improve customer confidence and activity tracking the fast and simple way.


Graphical monitoring tool which shows all the tasks in the system by the Objects – a complete task dashboard.

Salesforce Native

Process flow can be applied to any Salesforce standard object (i.e. Opportunity or Case) or any custom object.

A tool to define the business processes in a highly graphical manner, design, , assign, and organize Salesforce Tasks on any standard or custom object.

Flexible to create a different flow within another task flow

Parallel tasking, priority based task dependency checking. Tasks are created and assigned “when” required, not at bulk loaded onto a user’s desk

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