Order Management v.s Quoting

Order Management vs. Quoting by Adam Kleinberg How Order Management critical in SRM. Much time is spent documenting the needs for quality pricing, better discounting, and of course sales cycle streamlining. The overlooked challenge is the requirement to commit resources, deliver services, and ensure the initiation of the billing process....

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When to choose CPQ, Billing & SRM

When to choose CPQ, Billing & SRM. by Adam Kleinberg Many people are now getting confused between what each of these systems does,  what their approach is and which one fits their needs.  Do not assume all are the same or perform the same function. CPQ Configure, Price, and Quoting...

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The Essentials of Order Management

The Essentials of Order Management by Adam Kleinberg As the flavor of CPQ (quoting) begins to wane, the market for Billing begins to stratify and specialize. It is important to understand the critical and yet foundational part of the subscriber relationship. Some call it, “on-boarding,” others call it, “fulfillment” and...

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