O2B Release Note 2.97 Advance Billing for anniversary Subscription Billing

Sometimes after generating the bill for subscriptions, partners have to do a number of validation and checking before sending it to their customers. Especially at the end of subscriptions this takes a little bit of time and partners lose their valuable time to get the payment. Need a feature which can generate the bill for subscriptions one month prior so that partners get enough time to validate it .

As an enhancement of the previous release, which has past date billing for anniversary one bill, now we are doing advance billing for anniversary subscription billing type. There are few things added on o2b settings as well.

Advance Subscription Billing : A new field has been added in the o2b setting object for doing the advance billing. This is a custom field.

Once the advance subscription billing checkbox is true and billing type is anniversary subscription, it will start billing for the subscriptions who’s next bill date is today or today + 1 month. Now there is a field in subscription called calendar month. If the calendar month field is set as Next Month then it will try to create the bill for the next month. Otherwise it will create the bill for the current month. There is no option for the previous month. If there is any subscription which is getting started from today and calendar month is set us Next Month then it will generate 2 invoices for the same. One is for the current month and another is for next month.